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  • 【繪夢絲路|互鑒篇】萬里為鄰,絲路文明交相輝映

    發布時間:2023年10月16日 11:47     來源:中國新聞網




      Trading caravans from different countries met together in the prosperous ancient silk road. More than 2,000 years ago, Dunhuang, a major stop on the road, witnessed the hustle and bustle. Wisdom of diverse civilizations flow in the river of history, yielding fruitful outcomes. On the canvas of world civilizations, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has transcended time and space, bridging cultural gaps through communication. It pursues inclusiveness and harmony, as recorded in many stories.

      From cultural relics protection, to joint exhibitions, China has cooperated with other countries within the BRI to make cultural treasures regain their glories. The interconnectivity of transport routes and reciprocity of policies allow travelers from both near and far to embark on journeys, basking together in the radiance of civilization.

      By the end of June 2023, China had signed cultural and tourism cooperation documents with 144 BRI partner countries, sharing high-quality cultural resources. It has broken new grounds for win-win cooperation and exchanges.

      Chinese and Western civilizations merge and complement each other. On the new journey in the new era, China extends its hand in friendship through "culture" and draws wisdom from the multitudes. Together, we savor the beauty of diverse civilizations and relish the essence of different cultures. (Zhang Naiyue and Xue Lingqiao)


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